As a young boy I started with long-distance running, mainly cross country running and during summer 1500m and 3000m on the track . The results were not bad, but I certainly was not top-talent.

At the age 17 I was faced with a serious injury, ie a stress fracture in the lower leg. No running for over two months and so I found another sport to get rid of my energy. Because my brother Benny did duathlon I also started cycling and I have suffered many miles in his wheel during those two months

The bike seemed a good match for me and after my injury I also competed a few duathlon races. As a junior I won almost all the races and also amongst the elites I seemed to be quite strong. In 2001, I knew my international breakthrough, when I won the European championships as a junior.

In 2002 I went for the first time with Benny on an altitude training camp in Font-Romeu and this was very succesful. Since then, altitude training has always been included in my program. In 2003, as an U23, I won my first world title in the Swiss Affoltern (see photo left), where we performed incredibly strong with the Belgian team.

In october 2004 I proposed my candidacy as a professional athlete at the Belgian army and since then duathlon has become my profession. A dream as an athlete and as a human being to turn his hobby into his profession! Of course this changed my future as an athlete a lot.

After a few years I also started doing some longer distances and apparently these suited me better than short distances. In 2006 I won my first Powerman in the Austrian Weyer (pictured right). One of those races that will always be special for me.

I was getting better and better in the long distance races, and slowly my level got very close to my brother his level. Almost every race we fought for the victory until very closte to the finish line. Unfortunatel Benny (pictured center) left us much too early, so we will never know how things would have turned out...

A month after the decease of Benny I won my first world title long distance in Richmond (USA). How I felt back then is difficult to discribe, a mixture of joy and grief.

In 2009 it was time to participate at the mythical Powerman Zofingen. This was, without any doubt, the number one moment of my career as an athlete. Winning this race in a new record time for a first participation, surprised everyone including myself.

Meanwhile, I am very prout with my gathered list of records. For me, topsport means getting the best out of yourselve and not walk away from any challenge. Recently I found a very big new challenge with my triathlon plans ... 


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