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  • Time for a new chapter...

    Dear all, Two years ago I switched from duathlon to triathlon with the aim to qualify myself for the Ironman Hawaï this year. My ultimate goal was to achieve a top result within a few years time, and for that I have had full support from my ...

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  • IM Klagenfurt coming up

    Ten days from now, Ironman Klagenfurt is on my program, time for an update! Last year, while on training camp, I got hit by a car and because of a fracture in my sacrum I had to end my season quite early. So there was nothing left for me but look...

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  • Powerman Zofingen interview

    Powerman Zofingen, Joerie Vansteelant wants to defend his title: "a new course record would be very fitting" Three times (2009, 2011 and 2012) he started in Zofingen so far, every time he has won. Joerie Vansteelant from Belgium wants to be...

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